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CONSUL services

Free software for citizen participation.

Certified team

Our team consists of three engineers specialized in the development and maintenance of CONSUL. All of us have had the opportunity to work both for the City of Madrid in the platform Decide Madrid and for other international entities in the implementation, customization and development of new functionalities of CONSUL.

We belong to the group of privileged companies certified through the CONSUL DEMOCRACY Foundation for the development and implementation of CONSUL.

Development services for CONSUL

Based on the requests we have received from different city Councils and institutions around the world we have prepared the following as orientative pricing.


From 5.000 €

  • Installing the latest version of CONSUL
  • Adaptating to your corporate image
  • Connecting to your remote census system
  • Set up the development environment in your copy
  • Set up production and pre-production environments
  • Contact


From 3.900 €/year
(60 support hours anually)

  • Update to latest CONSUL releases
  • Exclusive support channel with us
  • We tare care of deployments
  • Developer training, code reviews
  • Status monitoring and error tracking
  • Contact


75 €/hour

  • New features to suit your particular institution needs
  • Modification of existing features
  • Design changes and user interface customization
  • Audit service
  • Consultancy service
  • Contact

We can tailor a package to suit your institution.

How we work

We collaborate with the institution's citizen participation team to define solutions to the new needs that arise.

We work with agile development methodologies and have continuous integration systems that allow us to evolve the application quickly.

We have experience working remotely and tools to make it easy to follow the status of the project.

We give online support to your institution via different channels: email, chat, videoconference and phone.

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